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If cars are your passion, a collection of finely crafted gold and silver jewelry modled after bygone streetrods, hot rods, classic, vintage and muscle cars.  See the largest collection of early drag cars in the gasser group.  All presented by Goldenrodsjewelry.

As you cruise around the site, you will find many pages and we hope you like what you see.  See examples below:

Mug, changes colors when hot

If you are looking for a unique gift,  there are many car related items.

Find hotrod mugs, Ratfink, afgans, flaming flipflops, car chimes  and keyrings, etc.

Our jewelry is handmade and our mateirals are made in the USA.  Our goal is to offer the highest quality and the best service.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

34 coupe front view
gold mustang, 14kt
Chevy bowtie ring in gold

Chevy Items




3-D Cars


Ankle bracelets

One of kind


willys pendant
SS logo for chevrolet
Deuce coupe,large,14kt,gold
Chevrolet open bowtie pendant


Deuce Coupe

The largest group of pendants, earrings, charms, rings and collectibles you'll find.  Jewelry for both men and women.

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